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repaired valve

Providing Long-term Protection for Valves, Pipes and Fittings

Cold-curing composite materials and epoxy coatings to repair and protect valves, pipes and fittings damaged by erosion, corrosion or chemical attack. 

Maintenance of pipework is critical in every industry and facility. Common causes of damage and deterioration to pipes, valves and fittings can include impact and frost damage, corrosion, erosion and chemical attack.

Belzona provide a wide range of cold-curing repair composite materials and epoxy coatings specifically designed to offer outstanding erosion and corrosion protection as well as demonstrating excellent chemical resistance. Such materials can be used to rebuild valve bodies, guides and slides, diaphragms and expansion bellows and coat to protect from further damage.

Cold-curing composite repair materials can return strength to weakened or holed pipes. Our versatile solutions include bonding patches over damaged areas and the application of reinforced Belzona wraps which are ideal for the permanent repair of low pressure, non-critical equipment. For situations where a high-performance solution is required, Belzona SuperWrap II has been engineered. It can also be designed and applied in accordance with international standards ISO 24817 and ASME PCC-2 to provide a downtime saving alternative to welding. This system is suitable for applications in both cool and warm climates and at various service temperatures up to 150°C (302°F).

Our materials are often used to reform damaged flange faces subjected to harsh chemicals, crevice corrosion, galvanic corrosion and high pressure steam.  Where long-term protection is required from the external environment, flanges, fastenings and associated pipework can be encapsulated with a peelable and resealable coating specifically designed to exclude moisture and prevent atmospheric, galvanic and crevice corrosion. This system combines a tough flexible encapsulating topcoat Belzona 3412, and a corrosion inhibitor, Belzona 8411.

Belzona solutions for pipework include:

  • Immediate leak sealing, eliminating the need to shut lines down
  • Permanent pipe repairs using epoxy composites for plate bonding
  • Composite pipe wraps, which can be compliant with ISO24817 and ASME PCC2
  • Bonding of wear pads and shims on pipelines
  • Reforming of corroded or distorted flange faces to restore sealing
  • Flexible and peelable protection system for the encapsulation of flanges
  • Specialist repair composites which can be applied to oil contaminated, wet and underwater substrates, or onto hot pipework
  • Internal corrosion protection
  • Liquid-applied lagging encapsulation coatings
  • External corrosion protection including CUI

Belzona solutions for valves and fittings include:

  • Repair of valve seats, sealing faces, bushes and gland housings
  • Rebuilding valve guides and slides
  • In-situ sealing of expansion systems and flexible bellows
  • Restoration of heavy erosion damage
  • Repair and restoration of cracked valve casings
  • Internal and external protection of equipment against erosion, cavitation, chemical attack and high temperatures
  • Casting of bespoke elastomer seals and gaskets with rubber repair materials

Our solvent-free, cold-applied repair materials do not require any hot work and allow for simple and safe application, minimising cost and downtime. Belzona's ceramic filled epoxy coatings can be utilised to provide exceptional wear resistance as well as erosion, corrosion and chemical protection across a range of temperatures.

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