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Chemical Containment Areas

Chemical Containment Areas

Due to the outstanding capability of chemical resistance of Belzona solution, it is proven that concrete chemical containment structures can be rebuilt and protected to resist constant chemical attack.


What makes us different?

Cost Effectiveness

  • One of the key features for Belzona containment area repair is its capability to withstand a broad range of aggressive chemicals such as concentrated acids as well as hot acids, which traditional containment area repair techniques cannot overcome. Different from other repairs, Belzona containment area solutions are designed to seamlessly bond to existing surfaces and to increase the performance of maintenance, and therefore are a cost-effective solution.

Ease of Use and Safety

  • Thanks to cold-applied and fast-curing properties, Belzona containment area repair solutions simplify maintenance procedures and reduce equipment downtime.


  • Due to the outstanding capability of chemical resistance of Belzona solution, it is proven that concrete chemical containment structures can be rebuilt and protected to resist constant chemical attack. The Belzona solution offers greater impact and chemical resistance which provides long-term protection.


Containment areas are within every industry setting in order for the environment to be protected. Inherent environmental problems however occur due to the aggressive nature of the chemicals present as well as mechanical or structural damage, resulting in deterioration of chemical containment.

Deterioration of chemical containment areas is often caused in the following ways;

  • Acid attack
  • pH reduction
  • Carbonation
  • Sulphate attack
  • Caustic attack
  • Microbial degradation
  • Corrosion of reinforcement
  • Abrasive wear

Environmental Damage: Consequences of deterioration of containment area

In the case of bund deterioration not being addressed, the structural integrity of the concrete or metal will be seriously undermined with the potential for chemical leakage and possible complete structural failure. This results in contamination of surrounding areas and ground water.

Regulations (such as the Control of Pollution Regulations 2001 in England) have therefore been enacted in many countries to force companies to establish measures to avoid the contamination of the environment by chemical products. By not complying with these regulations companies run the risk of being heavily fined and to even incur criminal proceedings.

It is therefore crucial that companies involved with the containment of chemical products take all the necessary steps in this respect.

Traditional Maintenance Challenges

Rebuilding of bunds, which would normally result in major disruption to its service and involves huge labour, is very expensive and not popular.

There are alternative methods to using conventional repairs such as vitrified clay tile, stainless steel/mild steel linings and rubber linings. Various coatings/screeds are also used for repairing bunds, including glass reinforced polyester/vinyl ester/epoxy, polyurethane concrete and coal tar/pitch modified epoxy/bituminous screeds. However, these struggle to provide long-lasting protection to concrete or metal as:

  • Aggressive chemical attack needs to be addressed
  • There is normally the requirement to bond to contaminated surfaces

In addition to the above, these materials also have to overcome the following problems:

  • Health & Safety issues
  • Delamination
  • Labour intensive
  • Limited hi-build properties
  • Temperature limitations
  • Airborne overspray

It is therefore essential for any solution provider to address all of these challenges.


With over 55 years of experience, Belzona sets itself apart from its competitors by providing solutions which are proven to last.

Belzona has been helping to conserve the environment by applying its polymer technology know-how to problems involving pollution control, waste minimisation, energy efficiency and conservation of resources.

Belzona solutions to chemical containment areas have been utilised globally by providing solutions for the following areas:

  • Repair damage to floors and retaining walls
  • Re-slope to restore proper drainage of floors and pads
  • Rebuild pump and tank bases
  • Bond and grout chemical-resistant tiles in place
  • Coat containment areas to protect against chemical attack
  • Seal porous concrete
  • Repair damaged expansion joint edges
  • Seal expansion/construction joints
  • Apply a non-slip surface to floors and tops of retaining walls

The effectiveness of Belzona solutions for chemical attack to containment area as well as our general maintenance solution has been proven through these applications, resulting in protecting the environment and minimising downtime effectively.